Friday, May 30, 2008

Movin' & Shakin'

Oooh - he's such a cute kid
I just want to grab him up and tickle him.
Mind you there are other days he's
not as charming but today he's all smiles.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Getting ready for T-ball

Yesterday afternoon Emma, Uncle Adam, and I played "catch" for a little while in preparation for T-ball season which starts next week. I coached Emma on throwing the ball, explaining that she needed to step forward with her left foot at the same time that she released the ball. She grasped this concept pretty well and is indeed good at throwing, catching, and batting. After a while, she turned to me (with Adam behind her) and asked which was her left foot. After I replied, she proceeded to step backwards with her left foot and throw the ball over her head straight to Adam. I'm pleased to know that she is paying attention to my guidance. I suppose a little twist to the routine can make practice a lot more fun. Can't wait until next week. -Ben

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Days 2 - 6

After my initial half-day in Pisa, there wasn't as much sight-seeing time between our scheduled meetings, but we managed to squeeze in a few of the attractions.

On the roof of Il Duomo, Milan.

Zurich waterfront

Waiting for the Rathaus-Glockenspiel in Munich.

Heidelberg Castle

Leaning buildings in Amsterdam

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Continuation of Our Tour Out East

We drove from NY to Maryland Wednesday night and showed up on Brian & Kelly's doorstep about 1 in the morning. We spent four fun days with the Stewart family. This trip was extra special for me. I loved every minute I got to spend with my husband, my "little" brothers and their wives. Family is the best.

We visited Annapolis, Maryland - taking in the brick architecture and sidewalks of downtown, walked along the dock, did a little souvenir shopping, and ate some seafood at a local pub. It was a bit of a soggy day but that somehow added to the charm of this old seaport city.

We had our favorite Superhero, Sam with us. What a trooper. This little man tromped all over with us smiling and talking the whole day. We love you Sam!

The excitement in DC was Bri's tussle with one of the most manly, female security guards I've ever seen. Bri accidentally brought her soda past an unseen No Beverages beyond this point line. oops - She made it in though and we all enjoyed a tour of the Capitol.

Ben with Brigham Young in the Capitol.

A few views from the top of Washington Monument.

At the Bottom.

At this point, the girls ditched the boys. They did some more more sightseeing and went to a ball game. We went to dinner and a movie.

Welll - this is a lot of pictures and it still doesn't cover it all but you get the picture. It was a trip we won't forget. Brian & Kelly - Thank you for having us in your home. We will also remember catching frogs on our walk, delicious breakfasts and dinners, and a new favorite -Hi Chews. Love you guys!

One short day in NYC

Vacations remind me of an amusement park ride (a really big one). You wait in line and gear yourself up for a LONG time. You get in your seat, buckle up, take a breath and you're off...zipping around each corner at breakneck speeds taking on enough G forces sure to render you unconscious. And before you realize you've begun you round the last corner, slow to a stop, exit the ride and it's all over. What a thrill!

We had such a great time in NY and DC! We got home over a week ago and I think I'm still wandering around looking for a day to day "rush" equivalent to that of our trip. Adam & Bri you are great traveling companions and Kelly & Brian you are great hosts. And most of all you are all great brothers and sisters. We feel so lucky to have spent this time with all of you. Thanks for all the fun.

A BIG shout out to Grandma and Grandpa Stewart for "vacationing" with our kids at your house. They had a great time. We couldn't have done it without you. We love you!

After the all night flight we hopped in a taxi and drove to Sarabeth's for breakfast. It is a perfectly delightful little place. I had a pumpkin waffle topped with roasted pumpkin seeds, sour cream and strawberries. Delish!

On to Central Park - what a beautiful place for nannies to take other people's children and spend the day! I loved Central Park - such a pretty place with lots to do and see.

Next stop Grand Central Station. So, this is not the most flattering photo but it demonstrates the acoustic abilities of a pretty neat building. I stood in one corner and my sister-in-law, Bri stood in the other and we whispered to each other in this incredibly loud and bustling building and guess what, her voice traveled up over the arch and I could hear her. Pretty cool. We also shared a fantastic piece of cheesecake from Junior's. Mmm..

We did a bunch of other fun stuff but the highlight of our NYC day was definitely WICKED. I could go on and on. I'll spare you in this post but if you talk to me about it prepare yourself.
WE LOVED THIS SHOW IT WAS INCREDIBLE!! We're already looking forward to seeing it again.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 1

Every now and then I get to travel somewhere on business. So today you get to play "where in the world is Ben Diego?" So let's start...what has a view like this?

And bells like these?
That's right! You are so smart. But did you know that the only thing that keeps it standing is 3.4 million tourists annually doing this?

It's true!

Even the cathedral leans if you hold the camera just right.
This is my family's old house in Tirrenia (just outside of Pisa), 1990-1992. This is where I spent my days during those two years. (two blocks away)
And here is Marina D'Pisa, just up the coast from Tirrenia.
Thank you for humoring me on a trip down memory lane. Have a nice day.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A New 'Do'

Amy got her hair styled yesterday and I can't resist showing off my gorgeous wife. Amy I love you loads & I love your new look.
Have a Happy Birthday!