Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vacation at Grandpa & Grandma's


We had such a great time at Grandma & Grandpa Davidson's.
It was great to swim & play with our favorite Texans.

Learning to sew with Grandma - How fun!

Picnic in the park.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Little Canyon Fun

We spent a perfect evening in the canyon last week with our family.

We went to our favorite site and roasted up some hot dogs and smores.

Finger lickin' good!

A little "hiking" with Auntie Cherilyn

A little car entertainment

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Music on my mind

I was reviewing the blog today and realized that it's been two months since Amy & I went to see Wicked during that one short day in NYC. Amy can attest that for two solid months I've been singing those wicked songs non-stop; and to tell you the truth, I think Amy's starting to loathe it. Of course I don't think she has any room to complain, during those two months my spontaneous outbursts from Phantom's soundtrack have decreased at least 90%. (for which I'm sure she's mouthing "Bravo, Bravo, Bravissimo!") All I ask of you, my readers, is that if you know of another soundtrack or album that could rival Wicked, let me know and perhaps I'll get Wicked off my mind. Thank Goodness!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th

How many kids can you fit in a pool?
I have to admit this was the best water balloon "fight" I've ever had.
The adults stood up on the balcony and the kids lined up below.
Fun for all and a bit therapeutic for the grown-ups.
Jean & Michelle came over for some badminton and fireworks.
We watched the neighbors display.
It was pretty impressive and free!
Thanks to all our friends who helped us celebrate the 4th!

Snip, Snip

While Abbie got her hair washed she said,
"This is why you like to get your hair cut, huh mom".
I said, "Yes, yes it is".
When we got home - I wanted to spend just a minute to comb it.
Emma was groaning. I explained that after I had paid to have her
hair done the least she could do was say "Thank you" and let me
look at it for a couple minutes. She's quiet for a minute and then says,
"Thanks mom and you can comb it for a couple, well maybe one, ugh,
mom I just can't make myself say the rest! Are you done yet?"
That's gratitude for ya.

Night Out With Mom & Dad

We took the girls to the Orem Owlz game Thursday night.
Emma has this worry that I'll say "No" to any and all of her requests.
So, instead of asking if they could roll down/play on the hill she asked if
they could "exercise" on the hill. I must be really mean because she's
always choosing mom pleasing words to put the right spin on things.
Kinda funny.
Forget looking at the world through rose colored glasses.
Emma's green ones are way better!
And they make me look HOT! don't ya think?
The girls each had $4 of their own money to spend.
They settled on cotton candy ice cream in a baseball hat bowl.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bear Lake Weekend

We went to Bear Lake last weekend and had a great time.
The weather was perfect. The Lake was a beautiful blue.
The family time was fantastic! The fingerpainting fun ended in tears
but we've got all these happy pics so they'll never remember that!
Cousin Sam & Abbie were quite a team.
They found a great mud puddle and stayed there the whole weekend.
They were in heaven!

Emma was busy, busy. Digging holes, building castles and motes.
They all played so hard they practically begged to go to bed at night.
Dallin and Vivian were cute little squirts!

And this is my favorite picture...
Abbie looks like she has just discovered the New World.
Well, to her, I guess she did and all she wants to know is
when we're going back.

p.s. Thanks Kelly for posting - obviously I stole all these pics from you.
I can't believe we didn't take any pictures!